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Baroid HDD Drilling Products

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, a Product Service Line of Halliburton, is a world wide network of sales and service engineers, laboratory scientists, and support personnel dedicated to servicing all facets of the non-oil well drilling industries.

Vermeer Australia are the official national sales channel for Baroid IDP in Australia.  Please refer to downloadable product data sheets for Baroid's HDD range below and/or contact your local Genuine Vermeer Parts counter for more information and orders.


Product Name

Information Sheet



Aqua Clear PFD Download PDF  Dispersant  Liquid polymer dispersant
Barolift Download PDF  Hole cleaning, suspension aid  Chemical and temperature stable synthetic fibre
Bio-Bore Download PDF  HDD fluid concentrate  Clay-free, biodegradable drilling fluid
Bore-Gel Download PDF  HDD fluid  One-sack boring fluid system for use in HDD
Con Det Download PDF  Wetting agent  Water soluble surfactant blend
Diamond Seal Download PDF  Lost circulation material for use in HDD  Water swellable crystalline dry polymer
Dinomul Download PDF  Wellbore stabilization fluid  Aqueous lubricating fluid for torque reduction
Ez-Mud Download PDF  Borehole stabilizer, viscosifier  PHPA liquid polymer emulsion
Ez-Mud Gold Download PDF  Clay, shale stabilizer  Dispersable, low viscosity, PHPA dry polymer
N-Seal Download PDF  Lost circulation material  Acid soluble lost circulation material
No-Sag Download PDF  Suspension enhancer  Biopolymer additive for enhancing carrying capacity of fluid
Penetrol Download PDF  Rate of penetration enhancer  Water miscible proprietary blend of surfactants
Poly-Bore Download PDF  Borehole stabilizing agent  PHPA dry polymer (high molecular weight)
Quik-Bore Download PDF  Formulated for use in horizontal directional drilling (HDD)  Blended product using Wyoming sodium bentonite
Quik-Gel Download PDF  High yield gellant, viscosifier  High yield treated sodium bentonite
Quik-Trol Download PDF  Filtration control, viscosifier  Dry modified cellulosic polymer
Quik-Trol LV Download PDF  Fitration control  Low viscosity dry cellulosic polymer
Soda Ash Download PDF  pH adjustment, water softener  Sodium Carbonite