Terrain Leveler® Surface Miners

When you’re demolishing a road, prepping a site for new construction / reconstruction or surface mining, Vermeer Surface Miners have the features you need to get the job done fast and efficiently.

The best performing, best supported Surface Miners for Australian mining and civil applications

Vermeer’s Terrain Leveler® surface miners offer, fast, precise and on-grade surface excavation for high volume mining and civil excavation applications.

What is precision surface mining?

Precision surface mining means working close to water tables, infrastructure and populated areas where drill-and-blast can’t go. Mine the thinnest seams and those with multiple mineralisations without mixing chemistries. Independent mining, loading and transport means flexibility to match your mine operations and existing equipment. Cut smooth access and haul roads and level pads for hard stands and infrastructure, with reduced tyre damage.

How are surface miners used in civil applications?

Surface excavation in civil applications such as roads, tunnels and site levelling means less reliance on rock breakers and other traditional techniques, smooth floors, consistently sized spoil that is easier to handle, and faster excavation rates.