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D6x6 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill

D6x6 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill
The economical D6x6 NAVIGATOR® puts 550 ft-lb/746 Nm of rotary torque and 5,500 lbs/24 kN of thrust/pullback into a compact unit that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to tow. It’s ideal for curb-to-the-home underground installations.
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Small machine. Big results - The D6x6 NAVIGATOR horizontal directional drill is yet another trenchless innovation backed by years of Vermeer experience. With its compact footprint of 35.5" wide by 115" long, the D6x6 can easily be maneuvered within job sites where work space is confined.  Size, along with its light weight, make it easily transportable from one job site to another. The D6x6 is the ideal machine for curb-to-the-home applications, simply set-up, aim and "shoot" to your target.

: Compact Size
Benefit: No other directional drill can offer this much power in such a small package. Its small size allows it to be used in congested areas where competitive machines in the same HDD machine class cannot be used.

Feature: 6' FIRESTICK Drill Stem
Benefit: FIRESTICK drill stem is constructed with a premium blend of alloy steel which provides excellent strength and flexibility. FIRESTICK drill stem has memory characteristics to better withstand bending and rotational torque forces encountered during the drilling process. FIRESTICK drill stem has precision-machined threads that are designed specifically to help withstand the rigors of directional boring.

Feature: Compact and light towing package
Benefit: The compact size and light weight of the Six Shooter HDD allows it to be transported on a small sized trailer with the Vermeer ST250 Drilling Fluid System, a self-contained mixing system using a 250 gallon tank. The total weight of the drill, mixing system, tooling, and trailer is less than 10,000 lb (4545 kg) (excluding mixes).


Maximum Length  115 " 292.1 cm
Height  50 " 127 cm
Weight w/drill rod  3240 lbs 1469.6 kg
Width (fixed tracks)  35.5 " 90 cm
Make & Model  Kubota- D-1105E Diesel  
Maximum Engine RPM  3150 rpm  
HP Gross  26 hp 19.4 kw
HP Net  25 hp 18.6 kw
Thrust  5500 lbs 2494.8 kg
Pullback  5500 lbs 2494.8 kg
Maximum Spindle Speed @ max engine RPM  180 rpm  
Minimum Bore Diameter  2.25 " 5.7 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed @ max engine RPM  1.5 mph 2.4 km/h
Maximum Carriage Speed @ max engine RPM  130 ft/min 39.6 m/min
Drill Rack Angle  11-18%  
Spindle Torque (Stall) @ 180 RPM  550 ft-lb 745.7 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque  550 ft-lb 745.7 Nm
Fluid Capacities
Fuel Tank  8 gal 30.28 L
Engine crankcase w/Filter  4 qt 3.8 L
Hydraulic Tank  13 gal 49.2 L
Drilling Fluid System
Maximum Flow  5 gpm 18.9 Lpm
Maximum Pressure  500 psi 34.5 bar
Drill Pipe
Type  Forged Firestick  
Length  6 ' 1.83 m
Joint Diameter  1.88 " 5 cm
Pipe Diameter  1.32 " 3.4 cm
Weight  17 lbs 7.7 kg
Minimum Bend Radius  57.3 ' 17.5 m
Rod Carrying Capacity  150 ' 45.7 m
Breakout System  Hydraulic  
Stakedown System  Stationary; dual stakes