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Spider Jack 3 Security Check

05 May 2017
ART wants certain customers of SpiderJack 3 to do a security-check. Please download the document linked below for info on how to perform this check.
Please spread this info to your customers who
have received their SpiderJack 3 in 2016, 
these are the SpiderJack 3 out of the first
The two screws (on either side of the brake handle)
are fixed with locktide, in one case, one of the two screws
has nevertheless slightly shifted under use, 
the manufacturer supposes that the locktide 
may have been implemented incompletely.
In order to make sure, these screws don’t move, 
they should be checked.
Note that SpiderJack 3 of 2017 have a different type of screw, 
so they are not affected.