Vermeer Australia
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Occupational Health and Safety Policies

Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd maintains as a basic operating policy, that its activities will be conducted in such a way as to avoid injury to people and or loss or damage to property of the company and others.

This will be achieved by the application of safety and risk management techniques by managers, supervisors and employees when planning, reviewing and conducting activities under their control.

Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd aims to ensure managers and supervisors assume responsibility for safe operations under their control, including appropriate training for all their employees, providing a safe work environment, safe machines and tools and insisting on safe systems of work.

Management Responsibilities

  • Maintain safe equipment and facilities and provide appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Instruct personnel in safe work procedures and inform them of potential hazards to safety and health which may be associated with the work they are required to perform
  • Provide adequate medical, health and/or first aid services and maintain appropriate records
  • Keep proper control of chemicals and harmful substances in the workplace
  • Investigate and take proper action to eliminate or reduce health risks to employees
  • Investiage any accident or near miss incident for the purpose of preventing re-occurances and follow up to check that recommendations have been actioned
  • Observe standards prescribed by regulations, made under relevant legislation

Employees Responsibilities

  • Work safely with full awareness of potential dangers
  • Avoid risks and do not take chances
  • Before starting a new job, know how to do it safely, or ask the supervisor about it and then follow instructions
  • Advise the supervisor if potential risks to safety or health are observed
  • Under law, employees have a responsibility to ensure that they take the degree of care for which they are capable, for their own health and safety as well as others who may be affected by their actions

Vermeer Equipment

Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring Vermeer Equipment is at all times operated in a safe and responsible way, and in accordance with the manufacturers manuals and training instructions sold by it.

The dangers of operating machinery must always be on the mind of the operators and owners alike.

It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that the equipment is used and operated by properly trained operators.  Users must be aware of all the safety issues and dangers regarding the operating of the machinery, before the commencement of operation.

Vermeer will train nominated operators in the proper use of their new equipment at the time of purchase but it is important to remember that the owner is responsible for developing a safety culture within their own organisation.