Arborist Equipment & Tree Climbing Gear

Get your hands on arborist rope, climbing harnesses, PPE and other tree gear at your local Vermeer parts counter

Your local Vermeer parts counter stocks an array of Arborist Equipment and Tree Climbing Gear from leading brands like SherrillTree, Buckingham, Petzl, DMM and many more.

We welcome local arborists and tree care professionals to visit their local Vermeer parts counter and get hands-on with the latest in arbor gear.

In the News

An Introduction to Stationary Rope Technique (SRT)

Vermeer Australia and Joe Harris, along with some of Australia’s most renowned climbers, have joined forces again to deliver the annual Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series for 2019. This year the seminar’s topic: Stationary Rope Technique (or ‘SRT’).

Check out the latest Arbor Gear

Check out the range of new and updated arbor products due to hit Vermeer Parts Counters in May 2019, including the PETZL Chicane Auxiliary Brake, ZIGZAG PLUS Mechanical Prusik by PETZL, The Akimbo SRS Mechanical Device by Rock Exotica and The Rope Cannon.

Swing into your local Vermeer dealer for all your climbing rope needs

If you climb trees for a living then you’d know that your rope is quite literally your life-line, so selecting the right rope is vital to your safety. We speak with Adrian Greed, Senior Parts Interpreter at Vermeer, to find out which climbing ropes are the top picks for arborists.