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The demand for non-destructive digging (‘NDD’) solutions has seen a surge in demand for vacuum excavation across a wide range of industries and applications. This growth has been driven by factors including the increased mandating of NDD and hydro excavation by primary contractors and municipalities, occupational health and safety regulation, the roll-out of fibre networks and availability of vacuum excavators in an increasing array of sizes and configurations.  

Often, once a contractor or municipality buys their first vacuum truck or trailer, it’s use expands to applications beyond the original intended use, realising new revenue streams and/or efficiencies for the organisation.

Vermeer Vacuum Excavators save contractors time, labour, material handling costs, and most of all, reduces surface disruption in areas with improved landscapes and reduces the risks of damaging utilities during the excavation process.  Whether it’s potholing for a fibre installation or liquid vacuum recovery supporting a HDD rig, Vermeer has the hydro excavator you need. With units ranging between 400 and 11,000 litre spoil tank capacity and the CFM to match, we have your vac ex requirements covered.

Read more about the many applications of vacuum excavation, considerations when choosing a vacuum excavator, and Vermeer’s range of trailer and truck-mounted vacs in our eight-page Vacuum Excavation Solutions brochure (PDF, 5mb). We’ve also presented articles and case studies below where Vermeer hydro excavation solutions have helped boost our customers productivity and profit.

Looking for ultra-high-CFM vac trucks?

X-Vac manufactures market leading ultra-high-CFM hydro excavation and vacuum trucks designed to meet the rigorous demands of specialty contractors and municipalities. X-Vac vacuum trucks are distributed and supported in Australia and the Oceania region by Vermeer Equipment Holdings. Learn more about X-Vac high CFM hydro excavators.

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A wide range of hydro excavation accessories and consumables, as well as parts for many brands of vacuum trucks and trailers, are available at your local Vermeer Parts Counter.

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