Hi-Vac high-CFM vacs and jetters already making an impact down under

HI-VAC high-CFM vacs feature a level of performance not before seen in Australia

Vermeer sole Australian distributor for HI-VAC Corporation, Aquatech

Hi-Vac high-CFM vacs and jetters already making an impact down under

Vermeer Equipment Holdings, the recently appointed Australian distributor of Hi-Vac Corporation’s range of high CFM hydro-excavators and industrial combination vac/jetters, have completed fit up of the first units to arrive in the country—and with significant orders already placed, the market likes what they see.

Anthony O’Grady, Vermeer’s National Sales Manager for Hi-Vac products, says that on-site demonstrations of the X-Vac X10 vacuum excavator will commence in August, though significant orders of the Aquatech B10 jetter means that demonstrations of this unit won’t be possible until next year.

“The first units of Hi-Vac high-CFM industrial combination vac/jetters and vacuum excavators to arrive in-country have been fitted up to Volvo FM540 8×4 trucks at Vermeer’s Brisbane dealership. These trucks were chosen because of their high power output, required to support the Hi-Vac’s impressive blower output, as well as their quality and reputation in this application.”

“Initial discussions with local vac truck and jetter operators here has seen really positive feedback, and they are eagerly anticipating arrival of the units to see how the on-paper specs translate to performance on the job” said Mr O’Grady.

“These units feature a level of performance not before seen in Australia, in particular the CFM rating of the blowers. Both the X-Vac and Aquatech units feature a no-load blower rating of 5750 CFM, but what is more significant is that the Roots WHISPAIR positive displacement blower is able to maintain an unprecedented 2000CFM at 27HG of vacuum. This is over 30% higher CFM under load than this market has seen previously.”

Again on the performance side, the Aquatech B10 delivers 330 L/min @ 2500 PSI through a 243 M 1 inch Cobra jetter hose featuring auto lever wind and digital distance counter, and an 1135 LPM water pump off system for fast decanting.

Mr O’Grady says that in addition to outright performance, the Hi-vac units offer other features that fleet operators are sure to find compelling.

“Hi-vac spoil tanks feature floor jets, tank flush and a tank vibrator for fast easy emptying, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. Their 8 inch booms feature hydraulic in/out, up/down and 360 degree rotation, which coupled with a 16-function wireless full remote control system ensure operator efficiency on site”.

If you would like to learn more about Hi-Vac hydro-excavators and jetters you can contact Anthony at sales@hi-vac.com.au or on 0498 911 112, or visit hi-vac.com.au to enquire online.