A New Level of Performance in Hydro Excavation

Vermeer has recently been appointed as the Australian distributor of Hi-Vac Corporation’s range of high CFM hydro-excavators and industrial combination vac/jetters.

Hi-Vac high-CFM vacs and jetters already making an impact down under

A New Level of Performance in Hydro Excavation

Vermeer Australia is regarded as the country’s top choice for contractors and fleet operators thanks to its innovative range of machinery. The company continues this reputation with the Hi-Vac hydro excavator brand – a range loaded with groundbreaking features and identified by its excellent performance.

There’s no denying that vacuum excavators have become a vital tool for construction, utility installation and drilling companies over the last decade. This non-destructive digging technology is frequently mandated by asset owners to locate and excavate around underground infrastructure without causing damage.

This year, the internationally renowned Hi-Vac hydro excavator brand has entered the Australian market, with Vermeer Australia appointed as distributor of its range of vacuum excavators and combination jet-vac units in the Oceania region.


Hi-Vac’s X-Vac vacuum excavators are specifically designed to be safer and more efficient, with the highest level of performance, one that has never previously
been seen in Australia. Vermeer National Sales Manager for Hi-Vac Products Anthony O’Grady says when fitted to Volvo FM540 trucks, the X-Vac Vacuum Excavator range offers phenomenal power and lift. The range offers a variety of blower and water pump configurations, including air excavation options.

“The X-Vac range is designed to the highest technical and quality standards, and comes with a number of unique features, helping to provide safe and reliable
excavation for even the most demanding applications,” says Mr O’Grady.

“One of the key features is that these vacuum excavators don’t have a motor; they are run through the truck via an OMSI split shaft, making it 30 percent more efficient and reliable than other power take off systems on the market. This means less downtime and maintenance, and making them extremely efficient and flexible for use on any jobsite.

“We elected to partner with Volvo and their FM540 trucks, chosen both because of their quality reputation, and because of their high power output, which is able to support the X-Vac’s impressive 5750 CFM blower output.”

The X-Vac’s 5750 CFM blower (a Roots 827 DVJ model) provides lift up to 28 inHg.


Along with high performance, the X-Vac range comes with a number of other features to improve ease of use, safety and efficiency.

“The X-Vac hydro excavator trucks are designed for easy operation by one or two operators,” says Mr O’Grady.

“For maximum control and safety, they come with a 16-function wireless remote control, which provides complete access to boom functions, water pump, vacuum relief valve, tailgate, emergency stop and throttle controls. They also have remote grease manifolds to all greased sections, so operators don’t have to work above height restrictions to access grease points.

“They also have 360° rotation on the boom for more access, and the 8-inch (203 mm) diameter boom results in fewer blockages and lifts more product than the standard 4–6 inch (102–155 mm) booms. For ease of spoil dumping, there is a rear door sludge pump and tank vibrator.”

As hydro excavation works often take place in suburban areas, the sound attenuation benefits of a fully insulated enclosure will prove beneficial to fleet operators.

All X-Vac units come with lifetime warranty on the spoil and water tanks, as well as a five-year warranty on the blower, OMSI split shaft and water pump.

For more information about the X-Vac range, get in contact with Anthony O’Grady at sales@hi-vac.com.au or on 0498 911 112, or visit hi-vac.com.au to enquire online.