Arborist Knots Minimum Industry Standards book

Minimum Industry Standards book MIS301 on Arborist Knots covers the basics of knot selection and knot tying, and presents the 29 core knots every competent tree worker should know.

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This Minimum Industry Standards book MIS301 is on knots and hitches for tree climbing and rigging.

Many other knots exist, some of which may be superior to these core knots for specific work tasks or functions – the knots presented form a solid foundation on which practitioners can build. Additional information provided includes the main uses for each knot, the likely strength of the knot when tied in common arborist ropes, as well as risks and inappropriate uses.

The book also provides a basic introduction to correct rope terminology and some of the underpinning knowledge necessary to select and tie knots for tree work.

About the Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) series

The MIS series is produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd in consultation with the national arboriculture and vegetation management community. These industry peer-reviewed documents explain the core standards of skills and equipment with which competent practitioners should be familiar with. The prime purpose of the MIS series is to provide minimum standards for the safety of tree workers while encouraging and fostering innovative practices.

Arboriculture Australia Ltd. are currently working with subject-matter experts to write and illustrate a full suite of Minimum Industry Standards describing the work tasks conducted by practical, hands-on tree workers throughout Australia, including pruning, tree identification, equipment inspection, chainsaw use, cabling, and many other practices and skills. The Minimum Industry Standards are available for purchase from Vermeer Parts Counters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

What are the benefits of having minimum industry standards:

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Training & assessment
  • A national terminology
  • Standardised work practices
  • National representation


View the MIS brochure from Arboriculture Australia here.

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