Vermeer Verifier™ G3 locator by McLaughlin

Vermeer Verifier™ G3 locator by McLaughlin

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McLaughlin’s newest locator combines trusted precision with a simple, user-friendly interface.


Download the Vermeer by McLaughlin Verifier G3 locator brochure

Contractors face congested underground conditions, unmarked utilities and increasingly strict regulations, making accurate, and timely locating more important than ever. With the Verifier G3, users can expect the same core qualities that defined the Verifier G2 product line including: a durable design with antennas mounted in rubber isolators to standup to the toughest jobsite conditions, most accurate push button Peak depths in the market, and the exclusive McLaughlin three-year warranty and weather-proof guarantee.

  • INCREASED PRODUCTION.  Automatic Depth and Current Index measurements located on all screen modes allows operators to locate on the move.
  • TWO GAIN CONTROL MODES.  Features both semi-automatic gain ideal for congested environments and manual gain for increased speed and productivity.
  • NEW LOCATING MODE – PEAK/NULL.  In addition to individual Peak and Null screens the combined Peak/Null operator friendly screen, at a glance shows high accuracy peak data combined with high speed null mode data simultaneously.
  • UTILITY DIRECTION.  The new compass icon feature quickly identifies the direction of the utility path in reference to the receiver which allows direction changes or intersections to be quickly and accurately followed.
  • STRONG INDUCTIVE CAPABILITIES.  Continuing McLaughlin’s heritage of strong accurate induction locating allows for quick painless verification of marks or proposed excavation sweeps without any hookup required.
  • CLAMP NOT LIMITED TO PIPE SIZE.  Innovative clamp design that can be attached to utility, does not need to encompass it. Exclusive one size fits all coil clamps that are completely waterproof.
  • DURABILITY.  3 Year warranty including water damage. Robust construction and rubber mounted internals equate in an instrument that never needs calibration.