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Recent News: Tree care and Arboriculture

Meet the powerful new SC70TX stump grinder

When undertaking tree stump removal services, having the best equipment can increase productivity and efficiency, as well as allow you to take on a wider range of jobs to diversify your clientele. That is why Vermeer has designed a bigger and better tracked stump cutter, the SC70TX.

Check out the latest Arbor Gear

Check out the range of new and updated arbor products due to hit Vermeer Parts Counters in May 2019. 

Enhanced Features

There will always be risks when operating heavy machinery, even for the most experienced operators, however, these risks can be greatly reduced by using equipment that has been designed with enhanced features specifically aimed at improving safety.

Keeping costs down for solar farm development & maintenance

Solar power is becoming an integral part of Australia’s energy mix, with the Australian PV Institute confirming that in mid-2018 there was 35GW of solar farms in the planning and development pipeline. As solar farms span across a vast area, land clearing activities need to take place to ensure the area is clear. Ongoing maintenance of the land is also important as uncontrolled undergrowth can cause the panels to be damaged. Both land clearing and regular maintenance activities are required with the right equipment.